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  • January 2013: MR-Runner upgraded! Now the MR-Runner deploys Hadoop-1.0.0 clusters, compatible with Pig-0.10.0. 

  • December 2012KOALA 2.1 released! Deploy MapReduce clusters on DAS-4 with the Koala MR-Runner

  • November 2012:  Best Paper Award at MTAGS12 workshop (co-located with SC12) with work on MapReduce!

  • November 2009KOALA 2.0 released! You can now run Parameter sweep applications (PSAs) with KOALA CSRunner

  • April 2008: New KOALA runner! The OMRunner enables DRMAA and OpenMPI job submissions. 

  • July 2007: Paper accepted at Grid07 conference with work on scheduling malleable jobs in KOALA.

  • May 2007: KOALA has now been ported successfully to DAS-3. All the KOALA runners are operational apart from the DRunner.

  • April 2007: The KOALA IRunner has been updated to include recommendations made by the Ibis group